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Frequently Asked Questions

Toasty Choice Card is a gift card that offers choice unlike traditional single-branded gift cards. Recipients have the freedom to select their preferred brands from hundreds of different options. This flexibility ensures a more personalized reward experience, eliminating the usual guesswork.

You can get started within minutes. Sign up for a free Toasty account.

No, Toasty is free to use. There is no subscription fee or minimum commitment required. The only costs are when you place an order with Toasty.

Yes, you can easily configure a spreadsheet to send gift card reward emails in bulk. Simply download the template during the order process, and copy and paste your recipient information from your file into the template.

Yes, you have the option to schedule your order to be sent at a future date. Simply click on ‘Schedule’ and select the time you wish to send your gift card rewards when placing an order.

Yes, you have the option to customize your own email template when sending gift card rewards through Toasty and there is no fee associated with this customization feature.

There are two ways to prefund your account:
1. Credit card (approval required from our risk and compliance team).
2. Add funds via ACH or Wire

To add funds, go to the Dashboard and click on ‘Add Funds’. Toasty will then use these funds to process your orders as they come in.

The Toasty Refund Option is a special feature that we offer to enhance the efficiency of your customer promotions and campaigns. For orders with the option applied, if a reward expires unredeemed, we automatically credit 70% of its value back to your account.